Why You Should Do Squats

Those who want a complete workout are likely going to have to take advantage of a number of different exercises.  One exercise that is often underrated is the squat.

There are a number of different reasons as to why you ought to do squats.  Here is a short list of some of the reasons why doing squats can greatly benefit you.

Building Muscle Throughout the Whole Body

benefits of squats

While most people simply believe that squats are focused on the legs, there are a lot more benefits of squats than simply being a leg exercise.  Yes, squats do help your lower body strength, but they also release key hormones that will help you build muscle throughout your entire body.

Actual Activities are Made Easier

Unlike some other exercises, squats actually provide a benefit in the real world scenario.  If you know how to perform squats properly, you will also be able to lift heavy objects without straining your back.  Because lifting with your legs is important to avoiding back strain, doing squats regularly will help in this regard.

Train Your Body to Balance Better

Those who perform squats on a regular basis also seem to have better balance.  This is because the exercise itself requires excellent balance, and so the more you do them, the more balance you will have.

Better Performance in Athletics

Because squats are such a good lower body workout, they also tend to help you run faster and jump higher.  For anyone playing a sport like basketball, this is an essential workout that should be done regularly. 

Better Waste Removal

When you do squats regularly, your fluids are able to pump and circulate better, which means that you’ll have fewer problems removing waste, and your body will also be better able to deliver nutrition to your organs and tissues.