Bring Your Floors to Life with Handcrafted Planks

The floors of your home can provide warmth and character, adding to the room at large. They can also be covered and forgotten, heaped with carpet and a draw from the light of the room as a dark fixture.

For those who opt for warmth and character, handcrafted planks come in wide varieties. They can be made of different species of wood, and they can be treated differently for both the edges and surfaces. Meanwhile, the planks can be distressed and/or finished so that they are unique for your home and the desired character of a specific room.

These particular planks can be almost customized to show the world you took the care to craft an entire look for your living room, dining room or even the hallways of your home. You will be grateful for the attention to detail in this process and the way your home can spring to life, thanks to the flooring.

The use of random width flooring to make your floors have a life of their own is not a new process. It is, however, a decision that shows you care about your home and are willing to take the time and make the investment to show that care in every detail.

random width flooring

Your floors can be made of Rustic White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Walnut or even Poplar. Your home will have a unique style and grace, with hints of the natural environment where the trees grew and prospered. There’s nothing like bringing a piece of nature into your home and gaining that rustic connection.

The edges can be squared and softened, live or even hand-cut. Each of these treatments give the warmth of the flooring a unique style and statement of its own. Your enjoyment of your home and the floors within will never die, as you continue to appreciate the quality craftsmanship that went into the completion of each board beneath your feet.